Why this domain?

I wanted to steal this handle.


I don’t know why none ever used it. The domain was available and a Google search gave me only the Instagram profile of a czech artist and some other few random accounts. But none of them were written in hex.

d3af90d can be written using only hex digits. We all know that’s undoubtely a 1337 sign.

I can now leave some 0xd3af90d easter eggs in memory or use d3af:90d::/64 as IPv6 prefix or d3:af:90:d0:xy:zw as MAC address.

Really?! How no hardcore hacker ever took the opportunity of using d3af90d?

Doesn’t a deaf god give the impression of unstoppable power?

You can’t stop him, even if he wanted to listen to you.

You know…

Because he’s deaf.

Well, hackers! Now you all lost your opportunity!

A n00b has it.